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New easy to use circuit tracers deliver ultimate safety and performance for the professional electrician

SureTest® circuit tracers can be used to locate fuses and circuit breakers, pinpoint breaks in wires and shorts to ground and can trace wiring concealed behind walls, floors, ceilings, and underground. The innovative SwivelDisplay? has been developed by IDEAL to help make the receiver display as clear and easy to read as possible thereby speeding up the tracing process considerably.

The circuit tracers have a CAT III 1000V safety rating, and four clearly defined modes of sensitivity-based operation (search high, search low, trace, and breaker). They will not affect sensitive electronic equipment or RCD’s. In addition, the tracers provide four times the tracing power and battery life of conventional tracers currently on the market.

“Our SureTest® circuit tracers provide the highest levels of safety and performance in their class and are a welcome addition to our comprehensive range of functional, reliable and competitively priced test and measurement solutions,” said Tony Kumeta, Business Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES. “We have designed the circuit tracers to be exceptionally easy to use, for example, rather than having a standard series of blinking LED lights, like most competitive models, our display provides a numeric value between 0 and 99 plus a variable pitch/tempo audible indication for quick, simple-to-understand tracing feedback.”

IDEAL’s SureTest® circuit tracers are available in three cost-effective kits. The standard 61-954 kit, available for just £349.00 excl. VAT, consists of a transmitter, basic receiver, tracer lead set and hard carrying case. The 61-956 kit includes an upgraded receiver with super-bright SwivelDisplay? for £399.00 whilst the premium 61-958 kit adds an inductive clamp with battery pack. This kit is priced at just £599.00.

All kits are backed up by the IDEAL Lifetime Limited Warranty. For more information please visit, email or call 01925 444446.

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