IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS WAN Access test equipment range delivers a wide range of solutions for both old and new technologies including Gigabit Ethernet, FTTx, IP, SDH/Sonet, xDSL, ISDN and Copper. 



UniPRO MGig1 and

UniPRO MGig1
Carrier-grade Ethernet tester

Intelligent loopback device
Designed for full Ethernet testing of carrier service turn-up, mobile backhaul link, microwave and wireless link and for enterprise users to monitor carriers’ SLA performance

Typical Users

Enterprise Users
  • Installation and maintenance subcontractors
  • Gas, electricity and water utilities, public sector, petrochemical
  • Ethernet installation, maintenance and SLA testing
Telco Users
  • Telco, cable TV, broadband, WAN and metro Ethernet plus leased line service providers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Data centres
Test Applications
  • WAN and metro Ethernet access copper and fibre service turn-up
  • Mobile backhaul installation and maintenance
  • Ethernet microwave link
  • Backhaul test for microcell base station and public access WiFi coverage
  • SLA policing
  • Ethernet is everywhere...
Test Functions
  • One touch to run multiple tests – unattended
  • Y.1564 (NetSAM) and RFC2544
  • SLA-Tick (Service Level Agreement) and BERT
  • Multi service (stream) test
  • Simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • QinQ, Multiple VLAN and MPLS

  • Which UniPRO model is right for you?

    UniPRO MGig1
    - GbE transmission tester with single copper port (Solo)
    R152008 - GbE transmission tester with dual copper ports (Duo)

    Entry level model for first line users. Ideal for radio link installers, fixed link installers, subcontractors, network maintenance professionals and system integrators.

    UniPRO MGig1 PLUS
    - GbE Multi stream Bi-Directional transmission tester with single copper and
    optical ports (Solo)
    R152009 - GbE Multi stream Bi-Directional transmission tester with dual copper and
    optical ports (Duo)

    Ideal for skilled engineers who want the ability to augment pre-configured and auto sequence tests with the ability to dig deeper into the troubleshooting of unsatisfactory test results - or who wish to do detailed manual testing.

    UniPRO MGig1 PRO
    - GbE Multi stream Bi-Directional transmission tester with single copper and optical ports, MPLS and Y.1564 (Solo)
    R152010 - GbE Multi stream Bi-Directional transmission tester with dual copper and optical ports, MPLS and Y.1564 (Duo)

    Full ITU-T Y.1564 (NetSAM) multi service (stream) testing capability. Retains the simplicity of use, intuitive graphic interface and time saving pre-configured and single button auto sequence testing functions. Adds the independent target and service to cut troubleshooting time.

    UniPRO SEL1
    - GbE loopback device with single copper and optical ports

    A self contained intelligent loopback device to accompany any of the UniPRO MGig1 units to enable loopback at the distant end of the link.

    Single or multiple UniPRO SEL1s can be fully remote controlled by the near end UniPRO MGig1 including the download of all the necessary operating parameters. Other than plugging it into the demarcation point at the far end, no further human intervention is needed.

    It can also be used as a manually controlled loopback unit for other manufacturers’ Ethernet testers.

    UniPRO SEL1 can be permanently connected to a spare switch port to enable unmanned loopback testing for network troubleshooting. The link under test is simply bridged to the UniPRO SEL1’s port using the switch’s remote management commands.

  • One touch to run multiple tests - unattended
    Single button Autotest is an automatic sequence test function that executes user defined multi test items for specific applications (such as radio link installation)

  • Y.1564 (NetSAM) and RFC2544
    Bi-Directional CIR (Commited Information Rate), EIR (Excess Information Rate) and policing tests with colour make the Ethernet link test more realistic, effective and faster compared to RFC2544. Bi-Directional and additional jitter sub test with graphic pass/fail curve completes all the key test items of RFC2544 in one test

  • SLA-Tick and BERT
    The SLA-Tick multi service (stream) information rate, frame loss, jitter, delay and SDT (Service Disruption Time) are providing improved testing efficiency over traditional link tests. SLA-Tick optimises the traditional link test (eg. RFC2544) and adopts Y.1564 (NetSAM) performance test. BERT tests the frame payload from layer 1 to layer 4 in Ethernet links and reports if the error ratio exceeds pre-defined limits

  • Multi service (stream) test
    Up to eight service parameters measured simultaneously on SLA-Tick and Y.1564 (NetSAM) tests. Enables service priority check over the network especially for 3G/4G mobile backhaul link test

  • Simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support
    Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses to future-proof the investment in
    UniPRO MGig1

  • QinQ, Multiple VLAN and MPLS
    Allows three to eight levels of VLAN within VLAN nesting for RFC2544, Y.1564 (NetSAM), BERT and SLA-Tick testing. For links using MPLS, UniPRO MGig1 PRO can test up to three levels with label, class and TTL for each service